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17 is a suite of Development Tools used to deploy and configure a completely new enterprise grade blockchain architecture. Underpinning this new mainnet is an Atomic Swap engine compatible with 90% of current coins, including fiat Stablecoins.

LAMDEN - The blockchain for blockchains

Suggested by: Ali

Under consideration

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  • 10 May
    Julian Jordan nyomanjuljor

    Lamden is an undiscovered gem, this platform will be ranked above Eos by the year end, mainnet in Q3/4 and own DEX by year end. Unbelievable to think we got in so early.

  • 10 May

    Lamden(TAU) is a developer heavy project aiming to create a suite of Business development tools. They are using python smartcontracts and deploying a unique consensus mechanism for efficiency and handling complexity. The project aims to create a DEX with atomic swaps as part of Clove which is just one part of the ecosystem. Would love for it to get listed. Thanks.

  • 10 May
    Erfan issac

    Best project

  • 10 May
    Erfan issac

    I like this project

  • 10 May

    Lamden is an awesome project with a great community and awesome devs!! You can’t go wrong with choosing Lamden for your exchange!

  • 10 May
    Martin Mattson

    Please add Lamden

  • 10 May

    Tau is the best option!

  • 12 May

    The only the best

  • 13 May

    Lamden will be big. In 2019 $5 is strongly possible.

  • 15 May


  • 16 May
    Joseph Sleith

    Tau is the american neo

    1200 usd by 2019

  • 19 May

    This is an incredibly undervalued project, with some real potential..

  • 23 May
    Faizul Suhail

    Lamden is unbelievably undervalued being an infrastructure project with one of the best blockchain features. Team is fresh but there GitHub activity is second to none. It is going to boom, question is which exchange will enjoy the boom.

  • 01 Jun

    This is an incredibly undervalued project, with some real potential..

  • 01 Jun
    Rens Laros

    Lamden is an extremely undervalued ecosystem of tools for blockchains.

    Highly competent developers with weekly updates.

  • 26 Jun
    Kenny Jackson

    LAMDEN will be in another league soon. Be ready :D

  • 28 Jun

    OHh this will be a blessing in a year or two.

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