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  • 14 Dec, '17

    What is MAXcoin?

    MAXcoin is one of the most secure cryptocurrency around. it's based on next generation encryption, SHA3.
    MAXcoin is open source, old school, community driven cryptocurrency.
    MAXcoin is : No Pre-mine, No ICO.
    MAXcoin is run, developed and sponsored by you. MAXcoiner.
    MAXcoin is Inspired & Named in honor of Max Keiser.

    Why MAXcoin?

    Algorithm: Keccak (SHA-3) / Generation: 100 million MAX

  • 14 Dec, '17

    Would really like to see $$$maxcoin on your exchange platform!

  • 16 Dec, '17

    You need Maxcoin!

  • 17 Dec, '17
    Orson Carte

    One of the few cryptos that offers true decentralisation; in the spirit of Satoshi.

  • 22 Dec, '17

    Max to the moon

  • 28 Dec, '17
    Rodney Crowell

    Please add Maxcoin, great old school coin with lots of history getting a reboot.

  • 29 Dec, '17

    Please add maxcoin to your exchange

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