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Creativecoin (CREA) add request


Creativechain has just launched its platform in Beta test phase and its coin Creativecoin (CREA) seems to be gaining more attention from the community and it needs to be present on decentralized exchanges as before the platform official release.
Creativechain is a foundation that develops free software technologies using blockchain decentralized networks. In a few weeks, it is going to be launched a platform for the registration and distribution of digital art content that certifies the authorship and license of any work or creation making them indelible. Users will be able to register and distribute their contents and it will give them the right to be owners of their cultural productions, without intermediaries. The result is an ecosystem of functions supported by smart contracts multisig or Smart Actions that liberate and empower both juridically and economically creative communities.

Suggested by: Ridjal Diallo

Under consideration

Comments: 67

  • 11 Jan

    This currency has a lot of potential

  • 11 Jan

    Add Creativecoin please

  • 11 Jan

    CREA is fucking awesome!

  • 11 Jan

  • 11 Jan

    Nice concept, i think that digital Content is very eligible for being integrated via Blockchain

  • 11 Jan

    CREA is a great project with many possibilities

  • 11 Jan
    ashraf ramzey

    Please Add Creativecoin

  • 11 Jan

    Please add this coin to your exchange, it has big potential

  • 11 Jan

    This coin has great fundementals, strong and growing community with the potential to attract a huge audience to the platform. Steemit for images.

  • 11 Jan

    i wanna lambo

  • 11 Jan

    I think creative coin has huge potential, it has a great community and is active.. It's sad that projects with billions of dollars are doing great marketing and don't have even a's all about blending people and make a quick buck. Keep up the great work crea!

  • 11 Jan

    The future is here.

  • 11 Jan

    Truly hidden treasure!

  • 11 Jan

    This proof of existence coin is going to be huge soon!

  • 11 Jan
    Mikhail Solovyov

    I Vote for CREA!

  • 11 Jan

    Монета очень крутая. Она имеет под собой основу, чем не могут похвастаться большинство монет!

  • 11 Jan

    Welcome Crea!

  • 11 Jan

    I love Crea! I vote for it.

  • 11 Jan
    Diego from brazil

    It would be awesome if you guys allow CREA to be part of yours stuff! Crea was probably the first coin i thought "hmm, this coin has something", bought some GPUS and started mining, now i not just truly believe in it's potencial but in the whole crypto world to be a worlds change.

  • 11 Jan
    William Cornett

    A blockchain with real world practical utility and multiple revenue stream generation. I am expecting big things from this one!

  • 11 Jan

    A coin with future

  • 11 Jan

    Please add CREA!

  • 12 Jan

    Few blockchain projects have such an interesting product as Cretaivechain

  • 12 Jan

    Because the project behind Creativecoin offers a paradigm shift in the design of social networks forgetting the opaque and centralized models of publication or distribution of content where third parties control the information or set huge fees that make the work of authors more expensive.

  • 12 Jan
    John Be


  • 12 Jan
    Benny Mimil

    The future is in CREA

  • 12 Jan

    Excelent coin for modern and tech world!

  • 13 Jan
    Steve Dawson

    All exchange should beg to have this coin listed. They will regret in a nearly future

  • 13 Jan
    Alice Redknapp

    CREA all the way!

  • 13 Jan

    One of the most undervalued coins. Feeling lucky for having discovered

  • 13 Jan
    Condemor Fistro

    Very nice project. We all want to see the coin listed in Altcoin exchange!!!

  • 13 Jan
    Souleymane Djebakhate

    Pleaze add Creativecoin

  • 13 Jan
    Melendi con rastas

    Magnífico proyecto!! Adelnte CREA!!!

  • 13 Jan

    Why not adding Creativecoin??? it is good for a lot of people supporting this coin. Love CREA

  • 14 Jan

    Best coin with a very high value project behind

  • 15 Jan
    Aramis Fuster

    I can predict good future for this coin

  • 15 Jan

    This project is good!

  • 16 Jan

    This is very nice CREA !)

  • 16 Jan

    Please, add CREA, all the people need it! It's a big project with professional development

  • 17 Jan

    Because the initiative has caught the attention of the cultural sector that sees in these decentralized systems an opportunity to improve the quality of content distribution channels to obtain greater protection of their rights as authors and creators.

  • 17 Jan

    One of the best blocklchain projects

  • 17 Jan
    Nate Khan

    Great project. Tons of luck!

  • 17 Jan
    Pitus Suite

    it is a project with a strong community of creative people from diverse sectors with great potential to collaborate and continue to improve the development of the project in community.

  • 17 Jan

    Good coin, best idea

  • 18 Jan
    Nils F

    Altcoin exchange should add CREA. Good success!

  • 18 Jan


  • 19 Jan

    A coin with an actual product!

  • 19 Jan

    Please list CREA!

  • 19 Jan

    Please add CREA!!

  • 20 Jan
    Alin Farcas

    Please add Creativecoin. The potential is amazing.

  • 23 Jan

    Tiene mucho futuro

  • 24 Jan

    Please add!

  • 25 Jan

    CREA a really decentralized project. Should be listed on Altcoin exchange!!!!!

  • 30 Jan
    Bruce Galwin

    Yesssss! Add please

  • 30 Jan
    Anchelina Choni

    Ojalá CREA esté en este exchange prometedor. Mis bendisiones

  • 02 Feb
    Luther Bliset

    Project with a lot of potential and a product in Beta. Few projects like this can be seen in the blockchain ecosystem.

  • 02 Feb

    Please, I need it.

  • 02 Feb
    Marple Jones

    CREA has a real purpose.
    Creative licensing will be changed globally.

  • 03 Feb
    Ana Palleji

    I want CREA to be listed on Altcoin Exchange!

  • 03 Feb

    Apoyo a este proyecto. Invertí con confianza y sigo teniéndola porque el equipo así me lo demuestra cada día. El pueblo gallego queremos a CREA listado en este exchange!!!

  • 04 Feb

    Best coin ever. Add it

  • 13 Feb

    excellent prospects - Very keen for future

  • 14 Feb

    Very interesting project for creative communities P2P

  • 18 Feb

    I think we should give create coin a chance could be worth it

  • 27 Feb
    Jp Thompson

    Active community of artists on discord and good gpu mineable coin. I can only recommend

  • 28 Feb

    lets go!!!

  • 06 Apr

    Great project with several ongoing real applications for artists

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