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No Limit Coin (NLC2)


First cryptocurrency powering fantasy sports. Working platform with a dedicated team.

Suggested by: James Bennett

Under consideration

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  • 15 Feb
    Michaël VdS

    Hard working team. Fantastic community. This is a real company looking to improve an existing business by using blockchain technology.

  • 15 Feb
    Eli Sanchez

    This is a top 50 coin in the making. Fantasy Sports is here to stay along with Crypto. NLC2 is there for both.

  • 15 Feb
    Oscar Peralta

    Excellent coin + Team

  • 16 Feb

    Undervalued project with a hard working team and great community. Platform has multiple sports up and running already.

  • 16 Feb

    This is a great coin with real utility and serious growth prospects. It needs more markets to grow but grow it will.

  • 16 Feb

    great community, vision, and hard working transparent team

  • 16 Feb
    Dan hensley

    Great company, I have been playing on the NLC2 platform for almost a year now, keeps getting better and better

  • 17 Feb

    Most undervalued cryptocurrency out there. This coin will moon when it's on more exchanges.

  • 17 Feb

    This coin is a sleeping giant. And severely undervalued!

  • 17 Feb
    Sean Mann

    This a great DFS platform that is constantly growing and improving. This coin would be a positive addition to your line up.

  • 18 Feb
    Adam Bankhead

    Real use case. Real company with workingplatform and exciting developments incoming that will create global community.

  • 18 Feb

    great team, great coin.....will be there in the long run

  • 18 Feb

    One of few projects with real world working business. I have been holding this coin for 7 months now. Great team with incredible work ethics and big ambitions. Every exchange that wants to list projects that will be here even in 5 years should have NLC2 ;)

  • 19 Feb

    great working platform real use case team is constantly up dating coin just needs more exposure

  • 20 Feb

    Real working product with a super team

  • 21 Feb
    Justin Looney

    Awesome community! Dedicated team. Real working platform.

  • 22 Feb

    Great platform with best community I ever seen

  • 23 Feb
    Oscar Peralta

    Great platform

  • 25 Feb

    Dedicated team, working product in a massive industry. The upside for NLC2 is undeniable!!

  • 25 Feb

    Way underrated...about time it hits more exchanges

  • 25 Feb

    Just a thought for you's, but maybe streamlining English football etc to one league (Premiership) same with other Euro countries and stick with the world wide one also, people from countries relate more to players they know. Keep up the good work fantastic concept

  • 26 Feb
    Samir S

    Great coin + team

  • 27 Feb
    Juan Kojima

    NLC2 team is doing it right, I am so proud of the Platform and the team. No middle man, you can just buy NLC2 coins straight from their website with Visa and MasterCar and Alipay. After months of hard work they have done a phenomenal job. The Team continues to impress me. They soon will have a surprise game coming. Please add them to your exchange.

  • 27 Feb

    This is a must list coin. Great team and working platform

  • 02 Mar
    Chatan ghale

    Awesome coin nlc2

  • 03 Mar

    Transparent, engaged Team with a real-world use-case. Passionate community. Great starter coin for those new to crypto.

  • 04 Mar

    Extremely valuable coin. NLC has a working platform for the multi billion dollar fantasy sports industry with great layout and ease of use. You can even purchase coins with a credit card. With staking rewards there’s a +4% yearly increase of your coins so this coin is a no brainer. On top of everything mentioned the well known poker player johnny chan has already endorsed NLC and is in fact promoting it.NFL Hall of Famer Joe Theisman also supports NLC.Penny costs for near instant transactions

  • 08 Mar

    Get in now or miss the take off!

  • 10 Mar

    WHEN this coin takes only 5% of the fantasy football (USA) ONLY a 70+B market... this coin is $$1+ do the most simple of math and easy 10x #fantasyfootball #fantasycricket #india

  • 11 Mar

    Great project!

  • 13 Mar
    Van B.

    I really like how easy the user interface is compared to draft kings and fan duel. This project has a legitimate shot to overtake those monsters in a couple years.

  • 23 Mar

    I've talked to some great teams in the world of crypto, and the NLC2 team is one of the hardest working individuals that have a great mindset. They think similar to how I do and want to create something great.

  • 25 Mar

    Celebrities Johnny Chan and Joe THEISMANN promoting the coin. Great working platform, super dev team and support group .... NO BRAINER!

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