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Introducing Gplay [GPA] - Decentralized P2P Digital Gaming Marketplace.
Person to person trading in complete anonymity without the need for any 3rd partie service (middleman).
Buy or sell digital games, accounts, in-game items, skins over a self-governed, distributed network with 0% Commission !
Gplay is a simple PoW/PoS coin made on Scrypt Algorithm with a fair launch distribution withouth ICOs or crowfunding !
40% of total coins are premined at the genesis block. The remaining 60% will be mineable by the public. Most premined coins will be freely airdropped to the community through 8 rounds of airdrops.
★PoS Percentage: 1st year Promotional 20% Annually ! (-5% each year to minimum 5%)
★Last PoW block: 10000
★Total Supply: 26.600.000 coins
★Coinbase maturity: 20 blocks
★Transaction confirmations: 6 blocks

Suggested by: jason davies

Under consideration

Comments: 41

  • 19 Feb
    jason davies

    Awesome platform I love the idea because it can help benefit the micro transaction world.

  • 19 Feb

    good project with good future

  • 20 Feb

    Nice gaming project with its own marketplace and anonymity in person to person trading. Amazing!

  • 20 Feb

    Done! This would be a great addition to the platform.

  • 21 Feb

    gogo gplay

  • 21 Feb

    Good project.

  • 23 Feb

    great project.

  • 23 Feb
    Akawu Eli Meshach

    This project indeed is a great idea, please list GPLAY

  • 26 Feb
    Ben REZG Mehrez

    I think this will be one from the best project that can help gamers to do a lot of exchanges

  • 27 Feb

    This will be a great way to buy games

  • 02 Mar
    Jamie Duckinfield

    amazing platform look forward to the beta test

  • 02 Mar
    Tyrone Clegg

    Great project much needed in the PC world.

  • 02 Mar

    gplay is the best

  • 02 Mar

    best coin ever

  • 02 Mar

    Cant wait to try it out!

  • 02 Mar
    Will Jones

    Followed the project from the start and received every airdrop! Please vote

  • 02 Mar
    Pierre Pinna

    Great addition to gaming

  • 02 Mar

    Awesome project currently in airdrop 4 running smoothly.

  • 02 Mar
    Liam Lewis

    Well done GPLAY we continue to keep growing

  • 03 Mar
    Charlie Puth

    Gaming POS, what more?:D

  • 03 Mar
    Eric Konklone

    GPLAY to the moon!

  • 03 Mar
    Chris Rocay

    please list GPLAY

  • 04 Mar

    Supported from the start, excited for the BETA

  • 04 Mar
    Alex Mccabe

    Please vote! Great start up

  • 04 Mar
    Peter Wood

    Please take over Zynga! To the moon!

  • 04 Mar

    Nice work, be cool to see us expand onto more exchanges!

  • 04 Mar
    Chris Nacinovic

    Please add GPLAY to your exchange, thank you

  • 04 Mar

    add GPLAY before launch!

  • 05 Mar

    Gplay is the project with the most future in 2018 and as the best roadmap

  • 05 Mar

    please vote

  • 05 Mar

    GPLAY will be successful!

  • 05 Mar

    Trusted project so far please add a LTC trade over with GPA

  • 05 Mar

    i like proof of stake

  • 07 Mar

    add gplay to exchange plz

  • 07 Mar
    King pop

    early project with great ambitions

  • 07 Mar

    add gplay before its too late

  • 07 Mar

    I have been staking since airdrop 2!

  • 07 Mar

    please be so kind to add gplay to your exchange team

  • 07 Mar

    gplay would be a great addition to altcoin exchange

  • 07 Mar

    i love coins with low coin supply!

  • 22 Apr

    Hope a great future of altcoin with Gplay :)

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