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Please add ClearPoll Token (POLL)


POLL is the token for 2 working products. ClearPoll (in alpha) and (fully launched). ClearPoll is a decentralised public opinion poll network allowing anyone to vote on anything, anytime. Clearify is a cryptocurrency address verification system, helping people avoid scams. POLL ICO reached hard cap and is already listed on KuCoin, Cryptopia and HitBTC.

Suggested by: Daniel Abela

Under consideration

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  • 04 Mar

    The best team and very useful products!

  • 04 Mar
    Saurabh Mittal

    Please add the token, team is fantastic

  • 04 Mar
    Rahul Kumar

    Please add clearpoll

  • 04 Mar

    There’s a great future for POLL. Two projects, one cryptocurrency! ClearPoll and Clearify.

  • 05 Mar

    Poll has a clear use case for a mass population in a market dominated by few players. Not only is there value to the user and investors upon adoption, but in today's digital era, it's a significant need for the good of the population. The social good value POLL can provide in addition to the value makes this token a must have.

  • 05 Mar
    Daniel Abela

    Thanks to everyone for your support - we would love to list with Altcoin! We have a huge few months coming up.

  • 05 Mar

    Best and most useable crypto project. Full launch soon! POLL for the win

  • 05 Mar

    Amazing team! Always there to surprise you with something special

  • 05 Mar

    Such a great undervalued coin. Two projects, 1 live and the main project Clearpoll only months away.

  • 05 Mar

    Lets get Clearpoll on altcoin exchange

  • 05 Mar

    Please add POLL

  • 05 Mar

    POLL rocks

  • 06 Mar

    Best and most useable crypto project. Full launch soon! POLL for the win

  • 06 Mar

    A cryptocurrency with two working projects, you can't beat that.

  • 06 Mar
    Thomas Fall

    Please add Poll

  • 06 Mar

    Love this project

  • 06 Mar

    Team keeps on delivering!

  • 06 Mar
    POLL Family

    The best TEAM, the best PROJECTS! Not just one but TWO OF THEM! ClearPoll and Clearify! Would love to see it listed on AltCoinExchange

  • 06 Mar

    Amazing product, amazing team. A product that has something to offer to the altcoins world.

  • 06 Mar

    Great team, 2 projects (clearpoll / clearify) using 1 token, clearify is already fully launched and clearpoll is launching in May! What a token to list!

  • 06 Mar

    Clearpoll is the future, two token which will actually make a real difference.

  • 07 Mar

    A responsive, active team and an even better token. An application that could actually make a difference. Access to the token on more exchanges would be very convenient!

  • 09 Mar

    Tokens do well based on the exchanges they're on. Even though POLL was only on 3 exchanges it went from .40 to over 11.00! In this bear market, it's about 1.00 now. It's such a low float we'll do very well once we get listed on more exchanges. All POLL needs is an exchange such as yours to start trading well so we can get the volume we need...tnx

  • 14 Mar

    As just one of many awesome features ClearPoll will include voting widgets that can be embedded into websites for tamper-proof social opinion polling. Things like voting bots (as a hypothetical example) simply won't be possible. Phenomenal team & project - a rare gem. With product release in just 2 short months, ClearPoll rocks the early mover advantage and is set to become a household name. Adding the POLL token will bring a lot of attention to your exchange. Thanks for your consideration!

  • 14 Mar

    Best and most useable crypto project. Full launch soon!
    Advertising on the CMC . And launch in May.

  • 14 Mar

    Great project

  • 14 Mar

    A crypto asset with two projects, an actual product and exciting future!

  • 14 Mar

    Best project ever

  • 28 Mar

    Clearpoll has a great team with great ideas. Will become one of the most useful projects on the Blockchain

  • 10 Apr

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  • 24 Apr

    Add poll best project around

  • 30 Apr

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  • 09 May

    BS..... this coin has more votes than daily circulation

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